E. Leibfarth Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The determined adolescent can cut through roiling whitewater like a Jedi with a lightsaber or a warrior with a sword, and she strikes fear into the hearts of her rivals on the kayaking circuit.

Even before she competes in the whitewater slalom event on July 25 at the Tokyo Summer Olympics, 17-year-old paddler Evy Leibfarth from Bryson City has already made history on a global scale.

E. Leibfarth Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

E. Leibfarth Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

E. Leibfarth is the youngest of the 82 competitors representing 34 countries competing in the whitewater slalom event at the Olympics. Almost 30 years after men began competed in C1 at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, she is the first American woman to race in WC1, or women’s slalom canoe, at the Olympics.

Before departing Europe for Tokyo last week, Leibfarth said, “Being a part of Team USA, such a wonderful team consisting of incredibly motivating athletes, is simply kind of a dream come true for me.”

Seeing and possibly conversing with the other competitors on Team USA is going to be incredibly motivating for me. It also seems crazy to me that women’s canoe will be an Olympic event this year. That’s why I’m so excited,” she remarked.

Nonetheless, she has made a remarkable recovery, going from being eliminated from contention to entering the Olympics Opening Ceremony on July 23 as the Junior Slalom Kayak World Champion after capturing gold in WK1 and bronze in WC1 at the Junior Canoe World Championships in Slovenia this month.

Lee Leibfarth, her father and a former slalom kayak racer, believes that E. Leibfarth has a chance to medal in Tokyo, as if all that weren’t reason enough to celebrate.

E. Leibfarth also noted that she was vaccinated in April against COVID-19, even though the International Olympic Committee does not require athletes to be vaccinated against the virus. “Some of my symptoms lasted for a couple months, which was rough with training, but I’ve been back to normal for months now,” she said.

Who is E. Leibfarth in Real Life?

To put it simply, Evy Leibfarth entered the world on January 26, 2004. American slalom canoeist Evy Leibfarth has been making waves on the international circuit since 2019.


At the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru, she won gold in the women’s K1 category and silver in the women’s extreme K1 category.

Later that year, in 2019, she raced in and won both the junior extreme K1 and junior K1 events at the World Junior and U23 Canoe Slalom Championships in Kraków, Poland. Please read this full thread for more details regarding Evy Leibfarth.

E. Leibfarth Biography

In this post, we will discuss the life of Evy Leibfarth. Upon this world, Evy Leibfarth arrived on January 26, 2004. American slalom canoeist Evy Leibfarth has been making waves on the international circuit since 2019.

There is a lot of useful information in this post, including some fascinating details about Evy Leibfarth’s life. the case If you want to learn more about Evy Leibfarth, I suggest reading this piece in its full.

Olympic Experience

  • Previously a member of the Olympic team (2020)
  • Twelve-year (K1), eighteen-year Olympic Games in Tokyo, 2020 (canoe slalom)

World Championship Experience

  • As of 2021, the rankings are as follows: Third (CSLX), Eleventh (K1), and Seventeenth (S) (C1)
  • Participation Years: 2019 and 2021
  • Third place in 2019 (CSLX)

Her Other Career Highlights

  • K1 and C1 U.S. Olympic Team Trials winners in 2021
  • World Cup in 2021 (Prague): 15th in C1
  • Markleeberg, Germany, 2021: Eleventh in K1 at the World Cup
  • First place at the 2020 World Cup after finishing third in both Group Stages
  • Finished in second place in both the women’s knockout (under-18) and women’s championship (over-18) divisions at the 2020 Australian Open (U18)
  • First in Women’s Kangaroo 1 (U18) and first in Men’s Kangaroo 1 at the 2020 Oceania Championships (U18)
  • American WK1 and WC1 Champion for 2019
  • Winner of the 2019 Pan American Championships in WK1 and runner-up in Extreme
  • For the 2019 Junior/U23 World Championships, I placed third in WK1 and first in Extreme.
  • Third place in Group B at the 2019 World Cup.
  • Here we have the second match of the 2019 World Cup, and it was played in the most extreme conditions possible.
  • 2019 Oceania Champions: WK1 (U18) Champion, 3rd WC1 Champion (U18)
  • American WK1 and WC1 National Champion and Runner-Up, 2018
  • Australian Open 2018: Third in WC1 (U18)
  • Vice-champion in the 2017 U.S. WC1 and WK1 National Championships
  • WC1 2016 U.S. National Champion

Who is E. Leibfarth in Real Life?

Some Personal Details Here:

Lee Leibfarth and Jean Folger’s daughter…

She’s committed to pursuing a degree in biology at Davidson College while also maintaining her rigorous training schedule…

I enjoy painting, camping, snowboarding, and making gourmet meals in my spare time.

Evy may be drawing in the team tent right before the gun goes off, so keep an eye out for her.

At the tender age of 15, Evy made her World Cup debut…

At age 4, Evy gave kayaking a try for the first time.

Last Words

Mentally challenging was the culmination of her life’s work: planning to compete in Tokyo 2020 since she was 7 years old, finally qualifying for the team, and then having to wait an extra year because of the pandemic. Thanks for reading E. Leibfarth Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.