Britney Spears Revealed on Instagram That She Had a Miscarriage

The news that Britney Spears miscarried was conveyed in an Instagram post by the singer and her fiance, Sam Asghari.

The statement read, “It is with our deepest grief that we have to report that we have lost our miraculous baby at such an early stage of pregnancy.”

Britney Spears Revealed on Instagram That She Had a Miscarriage

After Announcing the Loss of Her Pregnancy

“Any parent would be devastated if this happened to them. We were too ecstatic to wait to tell the wonderful news, so we did it before we were ready.”

Spears thanked fans for their sympathy and asked for privacy after announcing the loss of her pregnancy, saying she and Asghari would “continue trying” to start a family. The combined post proclaimed, “Our love for one other is our strength.”

Spears wrote in the caption, “We are grateful for what we have in the process of expanding our lovely family.” Pop singer, 40, and her boyfriend, Asghari, announced their pregnancy last month. With ex-husband Kevin Federline, Spears has a son and a daughter.

Fans rejoiced at the news of the pregnancy, which came just a few months after the singer was liberated from the almost 14-year conservatorship that had extended control over her reproductive choices.

Spears shocked a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge when she testified that she had been denied permission to schedule a doctor’s appointment to have her IUD removed as part of her petition to terminate her conservatorship. Spears reportedly said, “I deserve to have a life,” at the moment. Having a child, a family, or any of these things entitles me to the same protections as anybody else.

Last Words

Asghari announced the happy news on Instagram on Monday, accompanying a sketch of a pair of lions and their baby, writing, “Marriage and kids are a natural aspect of a strong partnership filled with love and respect.” He continued his caption by saying, “Fatherhood is something I have always looked forward to and I don’t take lightly.” The work I am doing now is crucial, and it will remain so throughout my life.