And Just Like That… Episode 3

And Just Like That…, a Sex and the City revival airing on HBO Max, features the cast pursuing novel endeavours. In addition, Miranda thought of something completely novel this week.

And Just Like That Episode 3

Miranda accompanied Carrie and Charlotte to a comedy event by podcaster Che Diaz after admitting to Charlotte that she and Steve haven’t had sex in years. Che’s talks about coming out to their family and fearlessly embracing change seemed to strike a chord with Miranda.

And Just Like That... Episode 3

After Carrie and Charlotte left, she stayed for the afterparty and had an intense conversation with Che, during which she declared that she was ready to embrace change for herself, right before Che seductively shotgunned pot smoke into Miranda’s mouth.

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Oh my! Is Miranda Hobbes, then, experiencing some sort of sexual reawakening? Writer Julie Rottenberg, a Sex and the City alum who co-wrote this week’s episode with Elisa Zuritsky, tells TVLine that “Miranda is feeling static in her life” and that “I think this season is all about change for her.”

Michael Patrick King, showrunner, thinks that Miranda is feeling “stuck” at the moment: “At the performance, she seems to be responding to the phrase ‘change.’… But Miranda has always felt like an odd duck. She had the worst luck finding a date even among her friends. And she was the one who felt the most resentment toward the world. This means that Miranda has always been an independent thinker.

And as King observes, the only reason Miranda married Steve in the first place was because she became pregnant. That’s why we’re making an effort to be as risky as possible… The show has consistently taken risks. Samantha and Sonia Braga were in a lesbian relationship for maybe four episodes.

Just experimenting with one’s sexuality is nothing new. People, however, are more than just sexual objects, as he is happy to point out. All they are is a vibration. As Che Diaz, Sara Ramirez sends out a wave of incredible strength and charisma. Everybody seems to be drawn to [them].

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Last Words

Although Rottenberg concedes that Miranda’s late-night encounter with Che “could have just been something that drove her in a different way,” the exact destination of that trajectory is something we’ll have to keep an eye on.

(New episodes of And Just Like That… premiere every Monday in February.) But, as the author alludes, “she is restless,” and “she is responding to an inner agita.”