6 Ways to Boost Your Medical Website’s Google Ranking

According to recent research, a significant portion of the population increasingly uses technology, with the number of people 65 and older who own cellphones and computers; and use social media steadily increasing.

To keep you on the first page of any chiropractic-related search engine result, we’ve compiled the most crucial site design advice for chiropractors. You as a healthcare provider, have probably thought about building a website for the purposes of marketing your chiropractic services.

However, simply having a presence online is insufficient. Regardless of how much money you invest in your website, if your patients are not efficiently reached, your business may suffer more harm than good.

How to Rank Your Website in the Top Position

1. Have a Short Website Address

Be judicious while selecting a domain name for your website. Choose a website address that is relevant to your practice and isn’t too long, complicated, or obscure. Try different keywords instead that seem professional and are similar to the type of services you provide.

2. Check the Page Speed

Google claims that 2 seconds is the minimum acceptable page speed. Your website will rank better in search engine results and be more visible to potential customers if it can load at that time or faster.

Boost Your Medical Website's Google Ranking

The Blink Test refers to this window of 2 to 5 seconds to make an impact on a patient. There is no doubt that a visitor will go elsewhere if your website fails to hold their attention or, even worse, fails to load quickly enough.

Look at the images you are using to see if they are too many or too enormous in size. Then, choose a few high-quality images and compress them for faster page loads. Finding competent site designers who can eliminate bloated or superfluous code, use lazy loading, and other techniques are further solutions.

3. Ensure Mobile Compatibility

According to recent research conducted in 2021, 85% of people who utilize technology access the internet using their smartphones.

Visitors will struggle to grasp what is on your website if it isn’t optimized to be seen on tiny displays. Additionally, websites that aren’t mobile-friendly tend to have lower rankings in search results, making it more difficult for users to reach your website.

4. Content Creation Using Optimised Tags and Keywords

It’s not just a strategy to keep your customers interested to have helpful articles or videos about health and wellness on your website. This function is basically a form of marketing that enables you to appear more frequently in search results for any content related to chiropractic care when you use selected keywords and tags for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your blog.

If you carefully plan your content, SEO can increase your company’s free organic reach. To be seen at the top of search results when you bid for specific keywords, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is another option if you feel that’s too time-consuming.

5. Register a Google Business Profile

The number of voice searches for “near me” has increased by 500% during the last several years. Google virtually always includes Google Business Profile (GBP) entries in the search results for these local queries.

GBP functions as a sort of online yellow page, displaying:

  • Your business’s address, location, and a map
  • Images, a summary, and its unique selling points
  • Contact information & Clinic Hours

Google Analytics: Success Measurement

Last but not least, remember to use the free metrics provided by Google Analytics to track your internet marketing success.

You may learn which tactics are helping you convert more visitors into paying customers with the help of our free application. You can find out where your customers go, whether your website is successful at keeping visitors interested, what kind of material resonates, what brought them to your site, and much more by visiting this page. These indicators will better equip you to create SEO efforts in the future that are more successful.