Luis Arias Defeats Jarrett Hurd With Mayweather Pauls Undercard

Former 154-pound champion Jarrett Hurd will continue to fight at that weight, but he will meet Luis Arias on the undercard of Mayweather vs. Paul on June 6 in Miami at 160.

Most people last saw Hurd (24-1, 16 KO) in 2019, when he was knocked out in an upset by Julian Williams. In January of 2020, he returned quietly and rather uninspired, fighting more like a boxer in order to win a 10-round decision.

Luis Arias Defeats Jarrett Hurd With Mayweather Pauls Undercard

This Time, He is Not Advocating for a Certain Method.

It’s possible he’s catching me at a favourable time, but June 6 will not be that time, Hurd said. If you want to box me or bang me, it doesn’t matter. When it comes time to fight, you and your opponent will get to choose my fighting style. I’m confident in my ability to win against him.

Hurd, 30 years old, has been talking up a battle with Jermell Charlo, which Charlo, for the time being, has largely dismissed as ridiculous. However, unless Charlo decides to move up in weight, Hurd may be one of his best alternatives if he wins the entire undisputed belt at 154 pounds against Brian Castano in July.

Following that setback, I made an effort to alter my negative behaviours. According to Hurd, “I was a straightforward man who just came at you.” For my last bout against Francisco Santana, I really wanted to demonstrate that I can make use of my height and range when necessary. To satisfy my need, I boxed all 10 rounds.

There’s too much to do and not enough time to do it in at 154 pounds. Many battles remain on my wish list, including a rematch with Julian Williams. I’d like to get back my honorifics. The battle between me and Jermell Charlo is the most significant at 154 pounds right now. I’d like to take care of that first before trying to gain more muscle mass.

To top it all off, Hurd says, “I simply need a dominant win on June 6″ to make a good impression this time around. The ugly can come from Luis Arias, but I have to go win big to prove to everyone that I’m back. I’d rather lose gracefully than triumph dishonourably.

Arias (18-2-1, 9 KO), who is 30 years old, hasn’t won a fight since 2017, and he’s 0-2-1 in his previous three. He was knocked out in the first rounds by Daniel Jacobs and Luke Keeler, and he fought to a draw with Gabriel Rosado in between. Arias has failed miserably in his greatest fights, yet he is undeterred in his belief that he can become a champion.

In spite of everything, I’m still a young man making my way in the world. All I had to do was make the right tweaks,” he explained. I won’t resort to drastic measures in this battle. I intend to engage in combat in my usual fashion. There was always world-class fighting ability within me, but I’ve never exhibited it. The time is right for me to demonstrate it.

To quote, “I’m going to get him. It’s imperative that I succeed. He won’t need to go looking for me. Let me just get there quickly. Whatever it takes, whether it’s a middle-ring boxing match or a dogging out with my head in his chest, I’ve got to get him out of here. If we make it to the last bell, I will be on him from the opening bell till the closing bell. I don’t think he’s a better inside fighter than me, and I don’t think he’s a better boxer than me, but we’ll see what kind of adjustments he makes.

Last Words

Although Hurd has praised Arias as a “fantastic fighter” and pointed out that his opponent has never been knocked out, he still doubts that Arias possesses the necessary skills to succeed at the professional level.

This is a tale Arias has told before. He talks a good game, but just look at his record versus top-tier competition,” Hurd added. I could be weighing a hundred pounds or a thousand, and Arias would still know what was coming. Even though I lost, I recently won a match and I’m making a comeback.