Deshaun Watsons Training Camp Behavior is Hurting His Own …

Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney once compared former starting quarterback (both for the Tigers and the Texans) Deshaun Watson to the great Michael Jordan after eleven teams passed on him in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Deshaun Watsons Training Camp Behavior is Hurting His Own Trade

After four impressive seasons in the NFL, Deshaun Watsons didn’t tarnish that comparison. But through this offseason and now into this preseason, Watson’s “participation” in the Houston Texans training camp has buried any comparison to the greatness and competitiveness that Jordan displayed throughout his career.

Deshaun Watsons Training Camp Behavior is Hurting His Own ...

MJ was known for competing at every little thing in life… and Deshaun Watsons’s actions and demonstrations at training camp show how discontent and disillusioned with himself and his football career he’s become.

This isn’t how greatness behaves. Champions don’t waltz around the practice field, play other people’s positions, and turn their own training camp into a circus.

The Texans want a champion. They thought they had one in Deshaun Watsons. Apparently, not so much. Now, the question isn’t if the Texans thought they had one, but are other teams willing to trade for him and think that he still is a champion?

There are several hundred athletes waiting for a team to give them a call up for training camp. These players are actually so desperate they are hoping other players get injured to open up a roster spot for them.

Deshaun Watsons occupying one of these spots to aimlessly stand on the training camp field is quite possibly the most vain and impartial act in Texas sports history.

Deshaun Watson isn’t Helping the Offense Get Better By Playing on Defense.

He isn’t helping the defense get better by just standing there. He isn’t helping the coaches evaluate talent. Here’s merely helping his own bank account. Deshaun Watson isn’t helping the Texans and never will again.

Deshaun Watsons’s message is clear: he has no intention of ever playing with the Houston Texans again. But what is not as clear are his career intentions and desire to even play football. His time with the Texans needs to be over. The only way he can actually help the Texans anymore is by being traded as a commodity for the bits and pieces of his reputation that he has left.

It’s rare seeing a player have such a circus surrounding them as much as Deshaun Watsons has had in 2021. This offseason carousel and frankly, clown show, at Texans training camp cannot impress front offices around the league.

Recency biases and risk averse organizations will be less than remiss to avoid bringing a potential on and off the field calamity

Last Words

If Deshaun Watsons thinks he can go from not practicing to leading the league in passing yards again… he’s sorely mistaken. He didn’t lead the league in passing yards last year by playing safety in training camp.

He didn’t throw 33 touchdowns over 16 games by participating at the minimal acceptable amount.

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