Women’s 4×400 Relay 2021 Olympics Video

On Saturday morning, Team USA won gold in the women’s 4×400-meter relay, allowing Allyson Felix to break the American record. For More Information about the Women’s 4×400 Relay 2021 Olympics Continue reading below.

The United States of America clocked in at 3:16.85, winning the race. On Saturday, the American team crushed their qualifying time of 3:20:83. They finished ahead of Poland (3:20.53) and Jamaica (3:21.24), who tied for third.

Women's 4x400 Relay 2021 Olympics Video

Women’s 4×400 Relay 2021 Olympics Video

Dalilah Muhammad, Athing Mu, Sydney McLaughlin, and Allyson Felix all contributed to this wonderful achievement. But it also gave Allyson Felix a chance to break a world record.

It was the American runner’s eleventh Olympic medal, and she won it with this triumph. On Friday, she tied Carl Lewis for third place in the women’s 400-meter final, but her time on Saturday broke the previous record.

For Team USA, this was not an unexpected result. DraftKings Sportsbook had them as overwhelming favourites to win the competition. Their odds of winning were -650, which was lower than those of Jamaica (+500), Poland (+1200), or Great Britain (+3500).

At first, the idea of putting four of Team USA’s top talents on the women’s 4×400 relay team in Tokyo seemed like nothing more than a fun hypothetical. What if it assembled a “super team” from of athletes competing in three distinct categories?

Finally, on Saturday night, USA Track & Field revealed the final lineup, which included: It’s Sydney McLaughlin. Any Felix Allyson. Muhammad Dalilah. Mu’s Thinking. What followed shouldn’t have come as much of a shock.

The United States women’s 4×400 relay team of Allyson Felix, Tori Bowie, Lolo Jones, and Ariana Grande continued the country’s long reign atop the event, winning gold in a record-setting 3:16.85.

A mother for the first time, Felix competed in the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo. In the midst of a struggle with preeclampsia, she gave birth to her daughter Camryn via emergency C-section in the month of November 2018.

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