Woman Mauled to Death By Tiger in Beijing Animal Park

According to a Chinese publication, a woman who was attacked by a tiger after stepping out of her car at a Beijing zoo is suing the park, claiming that she wasn’t given adequate warning about the facility’s dangers.

After jumping out of the car, the woman’s mother was attacked and murdered by another tiger while trying to save her daughter, who was being carried away.

Woman Mauled to Death By Tiger in Beijing Animal Park

Woman Mauled to Death By Tiger in Beijing Animal Park

The Beijing Times reported Thursday that in her first interview since July 23rd, the woman identified only by her surname Zhao demanded 2 million yuan ($299,917.52) in damages from Badaling Wildlife World.

According to Zhao, a park ranger in a neighbouring car did nothing to help. She also mentioned to the paper that she signed a document promising not to get out of her car, thinking it was a registration to get into the park. She claims the ticket taker did not provide an explanation.

The publication quoted a man from Badaling Wildlife World with the surname Cao as saying the park would follow the recommendations of the government investigation report, which exonerated the park from blame.

Cao stated that the only reason the park would consider compensating the family is out of a sense of moral obligation.

Despite the fact that Zhao’s damage was estimated to cost over 1.5 million yuan, the park only agreed to compensate the family with 745,000 yuan. According to the publication, which quoted Zhao’s father, the family had reached a settlement with the estate for $1.2 million following the death of Zhao’s mother.

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The tale caused an uproar on the internet, with the vast majority of commenters supporting the park and condemning Zhao for disobeying park rules and ignoring warning signs. Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, saw a fresh surge of user anger with the recent development, with many users calling for Zhao’s head.

I don’t see why you’re always making excuses. The family has a really poor sense of danger. Both you and your hubby apparently missed the sign. If there’s fault, whose is it? a commenter on Weibo said. Thanks for reading out article Woman Mauled to Death By Tiger in Beijing Animal Park.