Simone Biles Claims Balance Beam Bronze As Chinas Guan …

She withdrew from four finals before they began and another after just one vault due to a case of the “twisties,” a condition in which a gymnast loses the ability to measure where she is in the air while performing.

The 24-year-old American superstar could not have asked for a better outcome, considering everything that had happened in the week since she had to withdraw from the team final.

Simone Biles Claims Balance Beam Bronze As Chinas Guan ...

After a dominant performance by Guan Chenchen of China and a close second by Tang Xijing of China for the silver medal, Biles gave a trademark performance full of bravery and fearlessness to take bronze.

After “all that had gone on,” Biles said she had to make adjustments to her routine. Despite these changes, she was still able to finish on the podium and win her seventh Olympic medal.

Simone Biles Claims Balance Beam Bronze As Chinas GuanĀ 

Biles was expected to sweep the board in the 2016 Olympics, so the bronze medal she won on the beam in Rio de Janeiro was seen as a blemish on an otherwise flawless resume.

After withdrawing from every other final she had qualified for to focus on her mental health, this bronze medal was the complete antithesis of what she had been expecting.
As Biles entered the arena, a small group of competitors, team officials, and members of the “Olympic Family” made a raucous commotion befitting the event.

After placing eighth in qualifying, Biles was not considered a strong medal contender. However, she was also not an extreme long shot. After all, the American has won three of his 19 world championships with the help of this very setup.

There were a few wobbles and nervousness during her routine, but it was also packed with of the flair, confidence and beauty that have helped catapult her to greatest-of-all-time status.

At the end of her routine, Biles beamed as the other gymnasts still on the schedule battled. The fact that Brazilian Flavia Saraiva couldn’t beat her score of 14.000 points, which was 0.66 points lower than her qualifying mark, solidified her spot on the podium.

Before being congratulated by International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach and International Gymnastics Federation counterpart Morinari Watanabe, Biles flashed yet another smile when the result flashed up on the screen.
At the end of a turbulent and hot week for one of the world’s most revered athletes, her name was announced at the medal presentation to thunderous applause from the packed arena.

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It meant so much to me to be able to compete one last time with everyone’s cheering me on. When compared to the bronze I won on the balance beam at Rio, this one seems more prestigious. Because of this, it will always hold a special place in my heart. Thanks for reading our article Simone Biles Claims Balance Beam Bronze As Chinas Guan ….