Manchester City Fights Off Atltico Madrid in Champions League

The disgraceful events that occurred at the end of Manchester City’s Champions League match with Atletico Madrid have prompted an investigation by UEFA. Both teams got into a fight towards the end of the second leg in Madrid, which ended in a scoreless draw and sent City into the semi-finals with a 1-0 victory on aggregate.

Manchester City Fights Off Atltico Madrid in Champions League

Atletico defender Stefan Savic was in the centre of the commotion, head-butting Raheem Sterling on the field and then clashing in the tunnel with City winger Jack Grealish, who had pulled Savic’s hair during the on-field altercation. Savic received a yellow card for his involvement in the on-field brawl, but UEFA can take further action against him if referee Daniel Siebert failed to notice his head-butt on Sterling.

Manchester City Fights Off Atltico Madrid in Champions League

Despite the fact that Atletico’s cynical fouling was the immediate cause of the nasty events, UEFA is appointing an ethical and disciplinary officer to monitor the investigation, which might lead to penalties being brought against players from both teams.

The fallout from Wednesday’s embarrassing tie’s conclusion continues, with Atletico president Enrique Cerezo responding to Guardiola’s “prehistory” remark from the first leg. Guardiola stated, “In pre-history, today, and in a hundred thousand years, it’s tough to attack a 5-5-0,” after Atletico’s ultra-defensive display at the Etihad.

Cerezo flung Guardiola’s remark back in his face after City squeaked out a 0-0 tie in Madrid and advanced. Yesterday it was demonstrated that everyone has their own prehistory, and Cerezo remarked, “We played a good game, attack, and Manchester City yesterday played prehistoric, defended themselves, and put a wall in front of their goal. Everyone has seen it. City was a thoroughly defensive team.”

Last Words

Guardiola elaborated on the wild scenes, saying: “The whole world witnessed the drama, but I’m speechless. We were fortunate not to give up a goal against the Spanish champion, who played with vigour and superiority in the second half. We had some good scoring opportunities in the first half, and our advancement to the semifinals is well merited.

All the Champions League clubs come here and suffer, therefore it is crucial that we advance.