J Gadirova Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

It’s terrible enough to have to wait for your own call to find out if you’ve made one of the four positions on Team GB’s women’s artistic gymnastics squad for Tokyo 2020, which will take place in 2021.

It takes a special type of patience to wait an extra 20 minutes to see if your twin sister has arrived as well.

J Gadirova Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

J Gadirova Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

J Gadirova remarked, “When I heard her news, I was really delighted, but then, like, I didn’t want to get my hopes up — would I get in? — but then, as soon as I had the phone call, I was just like, we’ve done it together.”

The teenagers, aged 16, did their best to occupy themselves during the long periods between calls.

J Gadirova went on, “We were chatting about her, and just trying to pass the time as quickly as possible. That being said, time flew by. It was tough, it was slow, and then suddenly it felt fast, but we made it, and here we are.

Adolescents were only permitted to inform immediate relatives of the news, so they waited two weeks, until today, before telling their pals and the rest of their family.

J Gadirova twins are really enthusiastic about their first photo shoot for a magazine. They recommend not only floor acrobatics but also stances on the beam and bars, such as various kicks, handstands, and jumps.

Their dedication rivals that of Olympic athletes. Jessica does a kick on the beam and then says, “I could get my leg straighter,” before hopping back on.

The twin who isn’t in the spotlight during a solo shot will take out her phone and gleefully record her sibling’s moment in the spotlight. They are both deeply committed to equality.

If one twin is put in the spotlight, the other will likely request a retake with the roles reversed. J Gadirovar explains to me afterwards, “We’re the twins, but it’s good to be recognised as people.”

A good friend of mine once told me, “I knew you always trained.” I was unaware of your training’s purpose.

The public was already on Jessica and J Gadirova side before the Tokyo Games even began. They were twins, both 16 years old, and they had just done their GCSEs and were set to fulfil their Olympic ambition.

Last Words

The flight to Tokyo was the longest flight either of them had ever taken, and the thought of it gave them the willies.

J Gadirova pleasure was palpable as they fell, cheered, and hugged each other on their way to the stage to accept Britain’s bronze medal in women’s team gymnastics (the country’s first medal in the sport in 93 years).