Its About Results American Emma Coburn Disappointed After Bad …

All the stories that have come out of these Olympics have emphasised the fact that the trip itself is often more significant than the end result, with stories of how hard it was to get here.

That’s not how Emma Coburn ended up being famous.

After dominating the steeplechase scene for the United States for the better part of a decade, American superstar Courtney Frerichs crashed and burned in the final on Wednesday.

Its About Results American Emma Coburn Disappointed After Bad ...

Its About Results American Emma Coburn Disappointed After Bad

Coburn finished the race in fourteenth place, but she was later disqualified because of a last-lap fall over the barrier that caused her to leave the track.

Coburn stated, “It sucks to suck on the largest stage.”

It was equally incomprehensible and intolerable to her.

She’s spent the past decade honing a skill that used to be irrelevant to Americans abroad but is now crucial. Coburn has been successful recently, taking home medals at the previous two world championships and the Olympics. In the recent decade, she has won the U.S. championship nine times.

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She referred to us as “professional athletes,” establishing the point. Everyone has their own life story, that much is obvious. But I care about the outcomes for myself and my loved ones.

My teammates, husband, sponsors, and friends are all there for me, and they all give me their all. Therefore, we will take pride in the trip itself. But it’s not part of the trip when you’re crap.

Coburn’s inability to predict the event is likely the source of the most frustration for her. Sure, she felt minor nicks and twinges throughout warmups and in qualifying, but nothing she hadn’t coped with before, she claimed.

She claimed, “When I stepped into the starting line, I was sure I would be bringing home an Olympic medal.”

This Race was Doomed Almost Immediately.

Coburn was stuck in a second pack behind the leader, Frerichs, and had a tough time closing the deficit as the race grew spread out early on. Peruth Chemutai, the first woman from Uganda to win an Olympic gold medal, caught up to and eventually passed the American with a lap to go.

Still, after her worst race ever, Coburn was having trouble seeing any silver lining. Like everyone else, she couldn’t think of a good explanation. Tragically, she said, injuries do occur.

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Last Words

The prevalence of mental health problems is also plain to see. For the past five years, I’ve had the unwavering support of about twenty of my closest friends and family members.

However, their motivations had nothing to do with me coming here, getting in shape, and enduring what I did. I just don’t have it in me to do that. I’m aware of the fact that I need to improve. Thanks for reading our article Its About Results American Emma Coburn Disappointed After Bad …