If The Browns Win Are They in The Playoffs

The Cleveland Browns went 8-9 in 2018 and missed the playoffs after making them in 2020-2021. After that, the Browns made one of the most divisive decisions in NFL history by trading Baker Mayfield for Deshaun Watson. Can Watson’s 11-game suspension keep the Browns from making the playoffs?

If The Browns Win Are They in The Playoffs

Probabilities of the Cleveland Browns Making the Playoffs

Here is a rundown of Cleveland’s playoff odds, Super Bowl odds, and predicted victory total for 2022–23.

Given Watson’s prolonged absence and the team’s dearth of postseason participation over the last several decades, it’s not surprising that the Browns have lengthy odds to win the Super Bowl this year and less than a 50% chance to make the playoffs. It’s also hard for me to picture Cleveland improving upon last season’s record of 62 wins.

Possibility of Cleveland Browns Making the Playoffs in September of 2022

Only once in the last 20 years have the Cleveland Browns made the playoffs, and this year their chances are slim at best. FanDuel Sportsbook sets the Browns’ implied playoff probability at 37.0% with +170 odds.

With the news of Deshaun Watson’s suspension, the Browns’ chances of making the playoffs dropped from 50% to 35%.

If the Browns have a rough start to the season, their playoff chances will drop even further. With Baker and Deshaun out of the lineup, the Browns’ postseason hopes and performance in the first few games could provide a lot of insight.

It’s no secret that the Bengals have superior postseason odds than the Browns.

Football Betting Lines For The Browns in the Super Bowl

Since Deshaun Watson’s ban was increased to 11 games earlier this offseason, the Browns have fallen from favour as a Super Bowl favourite. The Browns have +3000 odds to win the Super Bowl, which is good for 14th best in the NFL. This implies a 3.2% chance of making it to the Super Bowl for the Browns.

  • In the first week, the odds are +3000.
  • Betting Line in the Preseason: +3000
  • In the first round, the odds are +3000.

The Cleveland Browns have the sixth greatest odds of any AFC club to win the Super Bowl going into Week 1. The three teams with the best odds to win the Super Bowl right now are the Buffalo Bills, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Kansas City Chiefs.

What do you Think Cleveland’s Win Total will be? Estimated Browns Wins in 2022

Best Ohio sportsbooks opening in 2023 have the Cleveland Browns’ win total at 8.5 games over/under. Trying to predict how many games Cleveland will win is difficult due to the absence of suspended quarterback Deshaun Watson and the competitive nature of the AFC North.

Both the Bengals and the Ravens appear to be legit playoff candidates, making the AFC North one of the NFL’s toughest divisions. The Browns will also have to face the Steelers twice this season, a team they have had little success against in the past.

Cleveland’s over will be a tough bet because the AFC will be stronger than ever. With Deshaun Watson out for 11 games, Cleveland has a tough road ahead of them against the conference’s best teams.