B. Buitendag Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

South African surfer B. Buitendag. She competed for South Africa and took home silver in the women’s shortboard event at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

B. Buitendag Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

On November 9, 1993, in George, Western Cape, South Africa, B. Buitendag entered the world. She grew raised in the suburbs of Cape Town, close to the shore at False Bay. At age eight, she and her two brothers took up surfing thanks to their dad’s support.

B. Buitendag Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

She was twelve years old when she and her family relocated to the Cape Province of South Africa. Bianca’s parents opted to enrol her in an English-speaking school because she was fluent solely in Afrikaans.

Collin Buitendag, her father, passed away back in 2015. To her credit, she still managed to achieve a personal high ranking of World No. 4.  The subsequent year, she reached position No. 12 on the global rankings.

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B. Buitendag Won Silver at the Olympic Debut of Women’s Surfing

South African surfer B. Buitendag won silver at the Olympic debut of women’s surfing and promptly retired.

The final, originally set for Wednesday due to terrible weather, was moved to Tuesday, where the 27-year-old won against Yolanda Hopkins of Portugal and Caroline Marks of the United States.

In the end, B. Buitendag was unable to prevail over four-time world champion Carissa Moore of the United States in the gold-medal match.

“To my own astonishment, I accomplished that. All in all, it was a fantastic adventure. It was probably the best week I’ve ever had. I can’t let it go out of my mind. Having been born and raised in South Africa, “she remarked after receiving her award.

The crew, including B. Buitendag, leaves an indelible mark on Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach.

Here is the second heat of the first round of the women’s surfing competition in Tokyo. This Olympic heat was rocked by the displays of skill from Brisa Hennessy, Sally Fitzgibbons, B. Buitendag, and many more. Just look at them riding the waves and finding inspiration!

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Succeeding South African B. Buitendag, who had stunned many with her improbable run to the final, Moore made her own bit of history not long after the first Olympic surfing champion was declared.

Last Words

Four-time WSL champion Moore needed two monster waves in the middle of the final to defeat B. Buitendag, who had already defeated several formidable opponents to reach the championship match.