Angry Octopus Lashes Out At Man On Australia Beach

On the southwestern coast of Australia, near the resort where geologist and author Lance Karlson was visiting with his family, he saw what he initially believed to be the stingray’s tail emerge from the water and strike a bird.

Angry Octopus Lashes Out At Man On Australia Beach

Karlson recognised it was an octopus as he approached with his 2-year-old daughter, and the resulting footage shows the monster in shallow water suddenly striking at Karlson with its tentacles.

Angry Octopus Lashes Out At Man On Australia Beach

Karlston erected a beach tent to shield his family from the sun, then donned his goggles and waded into the ocean to examine a pile of crab shells, which he assumed had been abandoned by deceased marine life.

Sting Across His Neck And Upper Back

He felt another whip over his arm as he swam, followed by a more powerful sting across his neck and upper back.

“My goggles became fogged, the water was suddenly murky, and I remember being shocked and confused,” Karlson added in the email.

Karlson claims he swam back to shore after feeling something crawl across his arm, neck, and upper back, leaving behind raised imprints of tentacles. His go-to remedy for marine creature stings is vinegar, but he ran out of it, so he used cola instead.

Last Words

Karlson’s video of “the angriest octopus in Geographe Bay!” went viral, however he later said that his reaction to the creature was more fear than hostility.

The octopus has obviously claimed this area as its territory, he remarked.

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